Project Location: Surrey

Project Type: Balustrade    Project Industry: Residential


It was their visit to our design department that convinced both contractor and client that FLYGHT had the skill and knowledge necessary to work on this substantial private dwelling in Surrey. It was our visit to the property that revealed that there were some inconsistencies in the drawings that would have caused problems with construction and installation. With FLYGHT input the building was soon ready to receive these two elliptical staircases. Both carcasses were constructed at our workshop and then installed very early in the project. This gave us time to produce all the castings, core rails and oak handrails. The stairs were then assembled at our works. The two flights were clad in ply ready to receive the marble. Strings were hand painted with a marble effect with a cast balustrade. FLYGHT also supplied a 6m diameter matching light well balustrading and two further staircases for this demanding but highly prestigious contract.