Furze Hill

Project Location: Happisburgh, Norfolk

Project Type: Helical    Project Industry: Residential


An elliptical staircase of effortless beauty. Totally free standing, it’s the off centre radii that create the grace of the flared entrance. Structurally proven, this design is hugely versatile and can accommodate a variety of balustrade options including wood, glass or metal. FLYGHT can provide you with drawings in 3D Solidworks, enabling you to visualise the finished project before construction.

The treads and risers were solid stone, in the client’s choice of marble. They were matched to perfection by the curved stringers, and special effect painting further enhanced this brilliant installation. For maximum efficiency we not only created a pre-production 3D visualisation of these curved stairs, we also assembled the carcass before delivery. Radiused stone is expensive, but the result is outstanding!