Malvern Place

Project Location: Malvern, Worcestershire

Project Type: Contemporary    Project Industry: Residential

Now That Is A Feature Wall! - Framed perfectly by our splendid staircase, this feature wall will forever be in our memories.

Many homes have a feature, whether that be a wall, picture windows, or in the case of Malvern Place, a quite stunning and bold piece of art. One of the most difficult jobs is trying to make the most out of your feature, and in the case of Malvern, the wall needed to be scalable. Our straight South Lodge design staircase is perfect for such occasions with minimum intrusion and clean lines allowing features to be framed within the design, whilst still being fully functional.

Spanning three floors in this modern home, the staircase is finished in American Black Walnut to add contrast to that statement piece with its crisp elegance and free-standing nature. After the project was completed, the client asked FLYGHT to return and design an external staircase at the rear of the property, which can be found here.

Further options can be chosen to tailor you own staircase perfectly, including:

  • Stone, tiled or kited treads
  • Wood and stainless handrails
  • Non-glass balustrade

After initial consultation, FLYGHT designed, built and installed this modern staircase into Malvern Place. Attention to detail is what separates us from the rest.