The Well Station, Australia

Project Location: Perth, Australia

Project Type: Internal    Project Industry: Residential


Some 18 months ago we were approached at our office by a gentleman with drawings of an idea he had for a turning cantilevered staircase with glass balustrade. The only issue was the man was visiting family in the UK but actually lives in Perth, Australia. We passed on some advice and tips (free of charge) based on the staircase designs and the stranger went back into the night and returned to Australia.

Just last month, our now mystery man returned to the FLYGHT office after being unimpressed with staircase manufactures back in Australia and we have recently started the process of designing and then manafacturing the staircase for delivery to the other side of the world. The staircase will be designed in such a way to make for ease of installation when on-site in Australia. Following previous projects of a similar nature such as Bahrain, it goes again to prove that British design and Engineering is respected the world over and often unrivalled.

The staircase will consist of American White Oak Box treads which cantilever off a mild steel string which has been embedded into the building wall. The whole feature will then be framed by the glass balustrade. We will post more updates as we have them.