Wild Perry House

Project Type: Contemporary    Project Industry: Residential

Simplicity Meets Style - Wild Perry has become one of our most sought after designs and is a truly incredible staircase.

If the Wild Perry staircase we’ve just installed demonstrates anything, it’s that a contemporary staircase doesn’t necessarily have to be radical to be effective and forward-thinking. This stunning staircase fuses traditional elements, such as classic oak treads, with the likes of glass panels and exposed metal bolts to transform a new build home into something truly memorable.

The steel carcass offers two landings on the staircase, proving that spiral staircases aren’t always the best means for space saving, while other features like the solid timber handrail and the anti-slip strips add security – always well worth considering when installing smooth wooden treads into a family home.

We’re always excited to be part of a new build project and the Wild Perry staircase illustrates just how much the right design can transform a space.