Staircase Layout
3D Renders
Technical Drawings

FLYGHT have the skills and knowledge to make your dream staircase designs a reality. We believe that a staircase is more than just a means to get you safely from floor to floor, we believe it to be a statement, a flow between levels to be admired and to inspire.

With staircase design, balance is key; lines, space, colours, design, shape, lighting.

Not only can we demonstrate the design of staircases in 2D and 3D, we can render real life images with customisable colours, textures and environments. All this can be established and explored prior to manufacture. 3D models of stair designs are also available with 360 degrees navigation, and we are even able to show staircase designs in full size or to scale models.

The Staircase Design Process

  • Site visit and 2D layout drawings
  • 3D stairs design development
  • Renders / visualizations
  • Final design
  • Fabrication drawings

Each staircase design project is tailor made to ensure that we meet your precise requirements. We’ll even show you a ‘virtual’ preview of your staircase so that you can make any detail changes cost effectively, and before installation, ensuring that the finished product is delivered quickly and to your exact specifications.