Staircase Installation and Installers

Whilst some believe the hardwork has already been done, the installation of any staircase is it’s crowning glory. After all, it is all about the detail. Senior staircase installers will visit any site prior to installation to discuss all relevant matters if required. This may include: site readiness, access and of course, health and safety. This is followed by the completion of our risk assessment and health and safety data sheets.

Each and every staircase will be designed to accommodate the site conditions and access, so whilst two staircases could look identical, their make-up of parts and components may be miles apart. Many FLYGHT staircase installations have steel carcasses, therefore once installed they can be used by site workers without fear of damage. Final materials and finishing touches are added with perfect timing as the whole building nears completion. If you would like to install part or all of your staircase with your own team, please contact us for details.