The days have long passed where staircase manufacturers would cut all the steel & wood components and then carve & drill parts in a traditional workshop before transporting everything to the site where parts could be adjusted to fit. The sheer depth and technical aspects within today’s feature staircases prove that a different approach is needed. The ability of top drawer Stairs Manufacturers shine through, with each staircase being fully designed on sophisticated CAD drawing programs in the FLYGHT design office, every steel, wood, stone or glass component is drawn and manufactured to be millimetre perfect.

These drawings and data are then fed into the relevant machines that produce the accurate components necessary for the staircase manufacturer and assembly in our fabrication shop. Once the staircase carcass is assembled and checked, the timber or stone tread templates are checked for accuracy, as are the templates for glass balustrade. The hand carved hand rails then receive a trial fitting. With the confidence of all the finishing materials being correct, the carcass is then dispatched and fitted on site. Using this stairs manufacturer process, this carcass can then be used by the construction staff without fear of damage. The finishing materials are then fitted at the appropriate time nearing completion. Much of the craftsmanship and traditional skills has now been replaced by the skills of the CAD designer and modern machinery. That said, our on-site staircase manufacturers are long serving, highly skilled and knowledgeable, possessing the traditional skills and expertise to compliment modern practices.