Concrete Stairs

Whilst concrete stairs may not be the first thought in terms of material for your next set of stairs, with good planning and some hard work concrete stairs can actually be stunning in design. Many designs will use concrete stairs as the base, and finish with carpet or wood for stair treads, however, polished concrete or a type of stone tread can be very eye catching as a finish, and the sheer power and strength of the whole piece is there for all to see.

There are two main processes for producing concrete stairs, and whilst much preparation can be be done in the workshop, a certain amount of work, and of course the use of the concrete, must be finished on-site and in-situ. Firstly a metal carcass can be designed and built in much the same way as a metal staircase. The carcass is then installed and concrete poured onto and set to the staircase design. This is often the preferred way for more intricate designs of concrete stairs. Alternatively, a steal rod structure can be put in place, with a concrete mould to set the concrete into place around the steel architecture.

Finishes can of course be tailored to suit the client, and concrete stairs carcass can be left unfinished whilst work is finished on a build to ensure the final product is of perfect quality whilst still allowed access for workmen – the best of both worlds. Contact us about your luxury concrete staircase today.