Contemporary Staircases

Contemporary staircases are ever-evolving in design, always bringing the latest design and trends to the forefront of your home. At FLYGHT, we not only keep up to date, but we keep ahead of the design game – enabling our customers to realise something incredible in their homes before other people have even thought about it. The latest cutting edge contemporary staircases bespoke to you.

Projects such as our original South Lodge were well before their time. Originally developed over 20 years ago – this timeless yet ultimately contemporary staircase is now seen the world over, and regularly appears on Channel 4 shows such as Grand Designs.

Personal taste is of course key, and whilst many vision contemporary staircases as simple with clean lines, they don’t have to be. FLYGHT have designed and created quite extravagant and even moving staircases, or of course another firm favourite, floating stairs. With your idea teamed with the design flair of the team at FLYGHT – any staircase dream can become a reality.

Whether it’s spiral or straight in design, the very best contemporary staircases often use a blend of materials to best effect. This can cause challenges when it comes to design and structure – however, planned and engineered in the correct way should allow you to be more creative with the design and remove additional supports and ‘weight‘. All of course still well within building regulations for the perfect contemporary stairs.