Helical & Curved Staircases

Although perhaps famed for more traditional staircases constructed in wood and marble, a curved (or helical) staircase can often be one of the most varied. Utilising large spaces and curved character walls, our one-off curved staircases are quite spectacular.

Helical is a shape that pertains or is to have the form of a helix; a spiral. – and when it comes to staircase design, we class a helical as a spiral staircase with a looser weave, with more open angles. Sometimes referred to as ‘curved’, helical staircases tend to need a larger floor spaces to be implemented effectively. Though this may sound like a big disadvantage, helical stairs are far easier to ascend and are usually designed to be the focal point in a room.

As well as being ideal for more traditional designs in wood or marble, curved stairs can also be used to showcase some of the most wonderful one-off pieces. Often favoured for grand public areas, gallerias, or perhaps even a castle such as our Burgh Castle project. We also think helical stairs make great focal points in the likes of reception rooms or any space with curved character walls.

Take a look at some helical staircases we have installed below and head over to our Blog for a more detailed explanation of the difference between helical and spiral staircases.