External Stairs and Staircases

External Stairs don’t just have to be designed for practical means such as fire escapes. An external staircase can often provide a new access point to a building or simply just an extra design cue on a beautiful architectural masterpiece. That’s why outside stairs are becoming one of the most sought after key designs within a property.

With ability to add some visual interest to a plain wall, or provide a continuous theme scaling the height of a large building, a well designed external staircase is often one of the first impressions someone will get from a property. At FLYGHT, we take this very seriously and always want to ensure people ‘stop & stare’ at one of our external staircases.

Although of course similar to internal staircases at their heart, outdoor staircases provide a number of different challenges. Materials and weathering need to be very high up the list in terms of aesthetics, whilst still adhering to engineering and design guidelines. Many individuals and business alike have trusted FLYGHT UK to provide beautiful and affordable exterior spiral stairs and straight external staircases, and never have they been disappointed. Check out all of our exterior staircase projects below for some inspiration.