Metal Staircases & Stairs

A metal staircase can often be the most hard-wearing and the easiest to create. Whilst most common in use for external projects, they are definitely not exclusively just used for emergency escape exits. Quick assembly means that if you are after a a feature in a hurry, metal staircases can often be the best way to go. Strong and imposing looks come as standard, and metal stairs can also look right at home in open plan living spaces, such as converted duplex apartments, where you are after an industrial feel.

Metal staircases can be completely built and pre-fabricated off-site before delivery and slotted together in a near giant meccano-like way. This makes them perfect for metal spiral staircases such as fire escapes on the rear of buildings as well as projects where quick installation is required. Bespoke metal handrails are also well worth considerating. Made in our own casts, we can create bespoke designs and finish them in a number of ways, and always deliver handrails lightly buffed to ensure the touch is incredibly smooth to any hand.

Metal may not be the first material you think of when it comes to creating a staircase, but done in the right way, metal staircases certainly do make an impact.