Spiral Stairs & Spiral Staircases

Though often used for space saving, Spiral Stairs are much more than simply practical. A well designed Spiral Staircase can be striking in both classic and modern settings alike and can add a new dimension to a variety of spaces and properties. Our completely tailored and be-spoke spiral staircases will be designed and built to your exact specifications in the UK, and using the exact materials and details that you require to build something special and memorable.

Nearly all of our Spiral Staircases are built using the latest technologies which include steel carcasses. These allow for more structural support to be laid throughout the staircase to assist the buildings structural properties. A steel carcass can also be installed early on within a project to allow access to tradesmen around a property before final parts and fitted for finishing.

Often used in commercial settings, spiral stairs aren’t only for the workplace. In the home they can work beautifully with the right design, especially in an open plan environment or barn conversion like the Cedarwood project featured. Spiral staircases also make for excellent external access, utilising outside space that may not be used as often as internally.

At FLYGHT, we have an experienced team who will guide you the design consultation stage right through to installation.