Wooden Stairs and Staircases

In years past, wooden staircases would almost always be classed as traditional. And whilst a perfectly designed oak staircase is often unrivalled in a home, wooden stairs can now be given a much more modern look – especially when coupled with other materials such as glass and steel to give a real contemporary feel.

A wooden staircase doesn’t have to be completely made of wood either. Firstly, many of our wooden staircases are actually framed around a steel carcass. This offers many advantages over traditional staircase methods – not only can the steel be used in a structural manner to support the building, but the carcass can be installed during build and allow access between floors for other workman before finally being wooden ‘clad’ at the last possible moment. No to mention that choosing a luxury wooden stair tread on a metal frame can produce excellent results.

FLYGHT use their own team of qualified and highly skilled carpenters which have been trained and developed to meet the needs of architects and individuals who are looking for high quality woodwork applications within their projects. Our joinery shop specialises in timber handrails for both classic and modern staircases. We have the ability to build complete bespoke timber staircases, and also offer a comprehensive wooden staircase design which is envied by all, yet rivalled by none.